East Amwell Student Invention Through Education

Judges Contact Info:
Make sure that you send an Email to us to let us know what your invention is no later than Friday January 18th.
You can contact us anytime with questions, or if you run into a problem
Email: Site@EastAmwell.com - This will send an Email to Mr. Krystek, Mr. Beck & Ms. Beasty
Mr. Krystek's phone: (908) 788-8186
Mr. Beck's phone: (908) 788-5667

Click Here to Download the Classroom Presentation - PDF file
Click Here to Download the Sample Notebook - PDF file

Your notebook is one of the most important elements of your project and will be a major factor in the judging of your invention. You can refer to our sample Notebook for examples of what is expected. Your notebook must be neat, organized and legible and should include the following:
- Investigations; Problems that need a solution
- Solutions; Possible Solutions to your selected Problem(s), more than one is OK
- Research; Look for and document prior art. Include printouts from any Web Sites that you cite (securely taped into notebook, not stapled). Indicate how your solution addresses weaknesses in the existing products.
- Design; Provide details on the design of your invention and include enough drawings to clearly indicate what it is, how it works, and how to make it.
- Testing: Include details on how you tested your invention and the results of the tests. Indicate any changes that you made as a result of the tests
- Survey; Create a survey to see if people would be interested in buying your invention. Survey the right people; those that would use it.
- Business Contacts; Contact two businesses that can provide knowledgeable feedback about your invention.
- It's not a diary or Twitter entry. Your notes should make it clear what you did, and show the judges that you performed the work:
Not Acceptable: Today Amy and I worked on our invention
Acceptable: Performed experiments to see if various fluids, in a bladder, could retain heat long enough to keep water from freezing. Placed the fluid in the bladder, heated in a microwave oven to 120°F, and then placed in freezer. Recorded the fluid temperature at 15 minute intervals. The results were...

Model Building Supplies
These are some places you can purchase materials to build your models:

Foam, Poster board, Plastic, Wood, Metal
Crafts Store – Michaels, A.C. Moore, etc.
Hardware/Home Stores – Finkles, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Parts & Kits
- www.SciPlus.com
- www.AllElectronics.com
- www.ElectronicSurplus.com
- www.BGMicro.com
- www.AllTronics.com
- www.GoldMine-Elec.com
- www.SparkFun.com

How-To / Building Info
These are some web sites that show how to build things:
- www.Instructables.com
- www.makezine.com
- www.knowledgehound.com